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Why Choose Us

Forget about fluctuating water chemistry. In fact, forget about buying and lugging chemicals, troubleshooting problems, remembering to latch the gate, whether it’s safe to swim, or if your filter’s making a funny noise. We worry about your pool like it’s our own. You’ll know our name, recognize our trucks and uniforms and always have access to a record of what we did each time we visit. Most service contracts simply limit your freedom as a customer. By design they lock you into one-sided agreements that make it easier for companies to pay less attention to you. We don’t do contracts. We’d rather let our entire relationship be judged by your happiness. If we’re worth our salt, you’ll keep us. When your pool filter breaks down in the middle of a heat wave, or your heater goes on the fritz in the middle of winter, it makes all the difference in the world to know you’ll get help quickly. We don’t believe you or your family should swim in a pool without the benefits of a saltwater chlorine generator. They eliminate harmful chloramines and additives found in chlorination chemicals, and they noticeably improve water quality with a relative softening effect on hair and skin. “Spot Cleaning” is a dirty little practice some pool service companies use to reduce their prices. It involves picking and choosing what to clean based upon what you see. It ignores basic microbiology and flies in the face of proper pool care. You can always trust we’ll be there, on time even if you’re at work. We use GPS enabled trucks, and each scheduled service visit is logged online with our data center, complete with the details when we’re done.